Getting back on track!

Sorry for the length of time in between posts! So, let me bring you up-to-date!


All done with college, and proud of myself for making the President’s Honor List for the third semester in a row! I had actually forgot about it, until I received the certificate in the mail from the college.


Right now, I’m on mission to get back into a better state of physical health than I have been in the past. Ran our boat docks downtown today and then did 3 sets of 10. Feeling good about that. Starting to use the “George Foreman Grill” I have to reduce the amount of fat content in the meat that I eat.


Feeling really blessed in this category. Due to the fact that I was able to pursue my passion of being a social media manager, here in my own town. At the moment, I am “brand building” for a local company using Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Yelp. Have also just populated the company’s e-commerce website, so that people can shop online! And this week, I am putting together an ad campaign that will tie into the “Classic Car Show” that starts this coming weekend.

Well, that is it for right now, and I endeavor to keep blog updated in a better fashion!


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