Surprise Gifts from Microsoft & Google!

Been quite a surprising week so far! Checked my Twitter feed the other day and found that I had received a gift card from Microsoft! This came as a result of just posting a picture of my new “Start Screen” from upgrading to Windows 8.1. Now, how did Microsoft know that I wanted a new Surface Pro 2!..Hmm?? (LOL)
Second, fun gift this week, got a notice from my Gmail account that because I am an active Google+ user and poster, that I am eligible for a “vanity URL” for my account!. What this means is that I can now tell people that they can find my Google+ profile page just by typing “”! To me, I think it’s pretty cool to have what google calls a “vanity URL”

Thirdly, was surfing YouTube the other day and saw the trailer for “X-Men, Days of Future Past” and from what I have seen, the movies is going be quite a show! And now, I can’t wait until the movie hits theatres!

Well, that is it for now fellow bloggers. Remember, have fun, smile a lot, read a good book (when you have time) and most of all, always remember that to someone and for are important!


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