Sunday, relaxing Sunday

For me, today was a nice relaxing Sunday. Had a nice stroll thru our downtown area, reminding myself just how quaint and quiet it can be down there. Strolled by The Raven Café, and the new Desmond Marina (took a few photos naturally) and then stopped at The Fuel restaurant for a nice drink. All in all, very relaxing…then reality set in!

Remembering how busy my schedule may get in the next few days, I came home, and cleaned house, did all my laundry (and yes, I folded and put it all and made myself a nice dinner. All while listening to all my favorite artist from the ’70s on Pandora Internet Radio (love using my Google TV to do that!)

Finished watching one of my all-time favorite movies – “Three Days of the Condor” , everyone should watch that at least once! Early spy thriller with Robert Redford and Max Van Sydow, doesn’t get any better than that.

And then I finally decided I should check my email and there it was. Weekly update request that needed to be taken care of. Not that I mind. because with each update that I do, just more time spent learning the digital marketing! Right now, working with product tags, and categories to make  the items stand out more as one does an Internet search.

Guess that wraps it up for now, time to plug in all my devices and get them all charged up for the long day tomorrow. I think it is going to be a long

And as I remember someone saying a long time ago..”Take care of yourself and each other!”


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