Rainy Days and Wednesdays

Grey skies over Port Huron.

Grey skies over Port Huron.

Well, as you can see from the photo, it was quite a grey, dark, and rainy day today. Storm clouds never really did let up! But the good news is that I took some time to sit down and read all my “techie” and “geek” news feeds and found some good stuff to pass along.

Free Money!

That phrase is always an attention getter! But, from this article I found, in a way it is actually true. A new app from the folks at Google will let you earn “credits” toward games, apps, movies, and music that is offered in the Google Play store. Couple of caveats – 1. Only US citizens for now and 2. Only for android phones (at the moment) The gist of the app is that you take surveys and get to earn credits. So, hey! let your phone do something for you for a change!  Here is the link to more about the app!: http://www.gottabemobile.com/2013/11/06/google-opinion-rewards-offers-google-play-credit-opinions/

Windows 8.1

Love it or hate it, the Windows 8.1 format is here to stay. My first experience with the Metro UI came with downloading the consumer preview of Windows 8. And actually, I was hooked! Became a fan of Windows 8 when my old laptop power supply went belly-up, and had to purchase a new laptop. My concern was that I had lost all my class coursework, research papers, and accounting spreadsheets. Was overjoyed to find that when I logged into my new laptop, all my files had been automatically backed up on SkyDrive! So, as far as the new MS Windows was concerned, I was a big time believer. So, along comes Windows 8.1 and there were even more features that I enjoyed. One of them – the new Facebook native app! For me, (and I imagine) a large number of individuals, the addition of a native Facebook app for Windows 8.1 was the icing on the cake. However, like all things being “non-equal” there are some differences in the Windows 8.1 version. To help make more sense of the app, take a look here! http://www.windows8core.com/control-customize-official-facebook-app-notifications-windows-8-1/

More Windows 8.1

If you are like me and enjoy using Windows 8.1, you might be asking yourself – “Hmm, wonder if there are neat tricks I can do with Windows 8.1 that I haven’t figured out yet.” For that answer, you may want to take a read thru this article. Business Insider writer points out some good features, hints, and tips that you may have not found in Windows 8.1 yet. Go grab a cup of hot chocolate, or a cappuccino and have a read. http://www.businessinsider.com/7-hidden-features-in-microsoft-windows-81-2013-11

Google +

Most people who use the Internet are also users of social media platforms. And the leader in social media sharing is Facebook. But, starting to gain ground in its own right is the “new kid on the block” – Google +! (Google Plus). What is Google+ you say? Just the most awesome social platform in the world!..lol. Just kidding!! Although, Google+ is quite amazing in its own right, it may not be the right platform for you. Currently, for my needs I am doing a “social media tri-fecta” consisting of Facebook, Google+, and Twitter! The biggest difference between Facebook and Google+ for me, is the level of sharing and content is so much more diverse on Google+ than over on Facebook.

If you already have a Gmail account (which you probably do if you have an Android phone), use Google Docs, Google Drive, or any other number of Google-themed products, wouldn’t be a bad idea to go and activate your Google+ page and see what all the hubbub is about. Found a guide of sorts, for all you Google+ page “newbies” http://mashable.com/2013/10/27/google-plus-beginners-guide/

And if you like what you see in Google + and start to think about switching, then here is a little info graphic from the folks over at Mashable.com as to why you should switch to Google+ (or at least build a page on that platform as well).

That’s it for me tonight fellow bloggers!

Take care and may your tomorrow be a great day for you!


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