Slow news day!..

Well, not actually slow news, just an unbearably slow internet connection this weekend. Darn that internet provider! And was just a little too chilly to venture out and down the local coffeehouse and use their free Wi-Fi. So, we do the best we can here at home. First things first…

Time for a countdown!

The countdown is question it to November 23 2013. Why is that important? Well to those of us who are Whovians, recognize that date as the day of the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who! And although I will not call myself a “die-hard” Whovian, I have seen every episode of the “Tom Baker” years (4th Doctor and my introduction to the series) and have followed it ever since its return to the BBC America network from Christopher Eccelston (loved the way he brought back the show!) , to David Tennant (second favorite of mine) and the current Doctor portrayed by Matt Smith. If you would like to have a quick look at what all the fuss is about, here is an article from the Huffington Post. Personally, I can’t wait for the special!

To Box to not to Box

Keeping in the entertainment realm, have been doing some research and am finally ready to purchase a gaming system for my living room. And right now, I have the feeling that going with the Xbox One from Microsoft would be the best choice for me. As a user of Windows 8.1, this particular platform has it merits for what I am involved in at the moment. Right now, I have the Logitech Revue Google TV unit connected to my television thru my HDMI port and that set-top box has given me many hours of use and web-surfing on a big screen! Just wish that the two companies (Logitech & Google) could have reached some sort of agreement without leaving us early adapters of Google TV out in the cold. However, I do understand that time and technology must move on.

That is why I am excited about the Xbox One from Microsoft. Using the same platform from their Windows 8.1 division to put together a gaming system, set-top box and potential “cable-cutter” device. When I purchase the Xbox, I will come back here and give a review of how exactly it works out for me!

Most employable time of the Year!

With the Holidays approaching, for some this is the ideal time to find that first job, or even the second used to supplement the household income (and who couldn’t use that nowadays!) With the job hunt comes the tool that never goes away..the ever asked for “resume”. But, what should you keep in your resume in this highly social and technology minded job seeking force and what should you keep off? First off, a note from my former business communication instructor: “If your mother wouldn’t want to see it, than neither would a potential employer” Of course she was referring to the many social media accounts one may have these days. There have been numerous media stories where a employees social status updates have cost them their job. Take that into account and check your privacy settings and maybe those photos from Spring Break and college parties have been up there long enough!…lol. For more on what should go and what should stay for the resume, check out this article.

A Blog and a Site!

Well that’s it for now, have to spend the rest my Sunday night trying to decide if a website would be right for me. Have a Wix account for a free webpage, but just have never sat down and went thru the process of building an actual webpage for myself (guess I don’t feel all THAT important yet). Also, thinking about starting a blog for the fashion retailer that I am working with. Have done some research on that and a number of articles tend to lean toward a site called Tumblr as the “go to place” for blogs of that type. So, onward and upwards!

Have a great week everyone and don’t forget to start taking time to figure out what the holiday meals will be. Making out my grocery list later tonight!



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