No CD drive?..Now What?!?!

Just have one of those days when you say to yourself – “Not really that important, that’s what the cloud is for”. That is how my evening went!

Here is the situation. Since doing the upgrade to Windows 8.1, it appears that I had lost both my Dolby Digital performance and my CD ROM drive. Well, not having Dolby was actually not that distressing. When I’m working, I usually have either Netflix or Syfy Network going on in the background. And all the software I use is either already installed on my laptop or accessible via the Internet. So, no big deal right?? Well, how very wrong that idea of mine was!

My Cisco E1200 router had been acting up lately – not sure if it was the router OR cable internet provider. So, in an effort to set things right again, I flipped the router over, took a trusty ballpoint ink pen, and pressed the RESET button! HaHa..silly me. Upon the router rebooting itself, guess what was the first thing it looked for? Yep, the old “installation CD“.

So now I am surfing the Internet, frantically, looking for a solution to the problem of not having a CD-ROM drive after upgrading to Windows 8.1. And you know what? There is no solution! No one and I mean NO ONE has provided any solution to this very big problem!! Okay..Okay..calm down, find my “happy place” and just plug in the Easy Key setup USB drive..right? What do you mean it’s not where I put it at?!! Another frantic search thru the house once again.

Now really worried because I do all my web work here at home! Suddenly, had a bright idea!! Going back to “Networking 101” ran a CAT5 cable directly from the cable modem to the laptop – NICE!, back on the Internet. Next, click on over to and download the E1200 setup software (not Cisco Connect, but the setup software for the router!) Next, get wireless back up (done) and make new Easy Setup Key (done and This time, the USB drive is safely placed along with my external hard drives.

Lesson learned from all this?? One: Make sure that all devices in your laptop are in working order. Two: Always keep a USB drive handy and Three: Save files to hard drive, external drive, and cloud!

As for my CD-ROM drive? still no fix yet, but I search for a solution everyday..who knows, maybe I will get lucky…lol!!

Stay wonderful my friends!


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