3 More Signs The Dating Profile You’re Looking At Is Fake

This is so funny and very much so true!!


Yesterday, we wrote about a Toronto resident who sued her former employer, a dating web site, for alleged wrist injuries resulting from writing about a 1,000 fake dating profiles in three weeks.

For those of you wondering if the dating profile you’re staring at on your iPad while you read this article on your iPhone is fake, check out these potential clues that it’s fake:

1. The profile pic looks a lot like when you dressed up in drag for Halloween last month, and the person has all the same interests as you. Clearly you’ve been punked by your prankster friends! It’s your picture, dummy! How drunk were you that night? And if the answer is “in a drunken stupor like the Mayor of Toronto,” we trust you’ve learned a valuable lesson here. You may be qualified to be the mayor of the fourth largest city in North America.*


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