e-Commerce week, then a great “Timey, Wimey” weekend!

Well, if anyone would have told me that upkeep on a e-Commerce site would be so time consuming, I would have laughed! Now, being in charge of one, I know how much time that kind of work can consume out of your week!

Fifteen pages and over a thousand items later, my clients web store is finally ready for the big shopping days of the holiday season. Even I didn’t expect it to take all week, but, I went through a physical count of all inventory to ensure that online and in-store inventory was the same. After that, came pricing, then meta-tags, then new background and finally choosing the right online forms of payment. Very exhausting, but now, all that work is done! So, for “Black Friday” & “Cyber Monday” it all comes down to just sales maintenance. Once an item sales online, pull it off store shelves, if it sales in-store, pull it off online inventory! For those of you who are interested, the website that I am helping to maintain is at www.shoe-maze.com . If you decide to check it out and find something you like, use promo code “shoemaze” (all one word) and this way you’ll get $10.00 off pretty much any item in the online store!


Also this week, here in Port Huron, we got our first snowfall of the season, and boy did it take everyone by surprise! Came with no warning. Bright and sunny Saturday morning and then by around 10:00 a.m., dark skies and snow!..lol!! I had dropped by the store that morning to see if everything was ready to go and just had to take this picture of what the streets looked like in under an hour.

Good thing that came out of this unexpected snowfall is that for the day, sales (even online sales) for dress and hiking boots were really good!


WooHoo!! And then on Saturday night, like most of the world (and universe, and parallel universes..lol) spent the evening preparing for and watching the 50th Anniversary episode of Doctor Who, entitled “Day of the Doctor”  and the build-up was great and the episode did not disappoint me in anyway! In my opinion, it actually paid great homage to the history of the show, and as to why it has been such an enduring fixture on BBC networks (and I am so glad that they also decided to carry it on BBC America!) For those who may have not seen it yet, I will not go into a review at this moment, because even a little review gives away to much of the pleasure of watching it for the first time. All I will say is that, when you do watch it, have “pen and paper” at the ready, there are lots and lots of “timey wimey” stuff going on and so many references to past episodes (and future ones) that you may get lost!


After much debate and intensive reading, have decided to finally purchase my first gaming system. Yep, one of the few people that have never owned one! And for my first one, I will be going with the Microsoft Xbox One. Reasoning behind my choice is that, I have been a longtime user of the Windows platforms and Microsoft hardware (mice, keyboards, and the like). As such, have been pleased with their performance. Also, was intrigued with the Xbox One interface, having enjoyed using the Logitech Revue Google TV platform. This platform seemed to be the closet to that type of interface and integration. Earlier this week, got my “hands wet” by dipping into the whole game ecosystem with the purchase of the free level of “Asphalt 7” from the Windows 8.1 store, and have enjoyed playing it on my laptop, so I can just imagine how it will look on my big screen television.

Now have to go clean up the kitchen from making my Sunday dinner – Garlic parmesan red potatoes wedges, oven fried chicken and steamed veggies! (Mmm..so good). Get ready for Monday and then relax by catching the late night showing of one all my all-time “shoot-em-up” movies “The Replacement Killers” with Chow Yun-Fat and Maria Sorvino. Just one on “got to watch it every time it’s on” kind of movies. So, have a good night, get some rest and have a great and productive week!


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