No Black Friday here, but, much to be thankful for!

MIA on Black Friday

Well, skipped the whole shopping frenzy known as “Black Friday“. To be honest, I have not been shopping on one Black Friday since its inception back in 2006! For the most part, the so-called “deal of the day” or “doorbusters” that are offered never really appealed to me. Although, this year I must confess, that picking up an original Microsoft Surface RT for $199.00 was pretty enticing. However, the laptop that was purchased just a year ago (Lenovo N580) preloaded with Windows 8 (and then upgraded to Windows 8.1), is still going strong, and to complement the laptop I use a Samsung Galaxy Tablet, which suits me just fine. So, with all that, there was actually no reason to venture out for Black Friday.

A Year of Thanks!

As this year starts to draw to a close, there is time for reflection of what is to be thankful for of the past year, and it is with great realization that there is much to be thankful for!

  1. My health – after a health scare of sorts, I am happy to say that my state of health is in good condition! Yes, a little weight loss would help (working on that in small ways), but overall, health is great.
  2. College – Once the procrastination was put to a stop, it was quite easy to finish my degree in Business with a concentration in Marketing. And, returned to college six months later, and beefed up the marketing degree with classes in HTML, networking, and system analysis.
  3. Employment – Really thankful for this. My initial thought was that it would be needed to move out of town in order to find employment in the field of marketing and social media. Just like Dorothy Gale in the timeless classic “The Wizard of Oz“, all that I ever needed was right here in my own backyard! An opportunity arose and I was able to secure employment in my degree field without having to move to either the east coast (New York) or west coast (Los Angeles).

Of course, I could go on and on about all the positive things that have happened this year, but I now look forward to the positive things that will happen in 2014!

I sincerely hope that your year has been a positive one for you and that you will also look forward to the positive things that will happen to you and for you in the months ahead. So, take care of yourself and each other and remember…”a simple smile goes a long way”!



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