Cacthing up on a Sunday afternoon.

Okay, just taking time this Sunday to catch everything up and I do mean to try to get everything up to date!  At the moment I have a number of movies and TV Shows just taking up space on the Dish DVR. Seems like there is never a good time to just sit back, relax, and “veg out” by watching the “ole boob tube” all day! For the moment, as I am doing my best to update all online accounts, I have the latest James Bond flick “Skyfall” playing in background. This one didn’t appeal to a large number of people, but I rather enjoyed it.

Week in Review

Those who have been reading my blog in the past (and I thank each and every one of you!), now that I have been doing social media and digital marketing for a local small business retailer. Well, I can say that this past week or so has been very busy for us at the store! Our online sales and our website store ( is now up to the point of shipping out orders on a daily basis! It’s a lot of work for me to keep all inventory up to date and to ship out and track customer orders, but it is something I really enjoy doing!

And as of lately, to attract more customers and to get our name out there just a little more, we placed some merchandise advertisements on the popular site – – and that helped to engage and entirely new type of customers that in the past had thought perceived to boutique to be only specialty footwear and handbags (to be read as “too expensive for me to shop there”! Sorry, took a little break to go and baste the Sunday dinner – making roast chicken marinated in lemon juice and braised with honey BBQ sauce – very, very tasty!

Holiday Trimmings

Slowly getting the house ready for the holidays and the “on-coming storm” called winter. All the windows have been weather-proofed, gutters cleaned out, and ice-melt has been purchased. So, all I need is the snow to make this a winter-wonderland. Oh, and have already prepared the menu for the holidays: Cornish Hens in cranberry sauce will be the main meat, steamed vegetables consisting of broccoli, Brussels sprouts (my favorite), French cut green beans, and roasted red garlic potatoes For drinks, I am mixing my classic holiday drink. It is my favorite of Schweppes ginger ale &  cranberry juice. Desserts will be cherry pies and this year, doing a little experiment – am going to attempt to make a chocolate amaretto whip cream filling jelly-roll cake, topped with crushed walnuts! Yikes! even, the name of the dessert sounds like a, but I think I will have fun trying to make it.

I like to make a big deal about the dinners during the holidays, as you can clearly see! Have to be prepared, never know who may stop by.

Well, back to the important task of putting my feet up, relaxing and enjoying the rest of this Sunday afternoon. Then later on will grab the remote, fire up the DVR and check out “Jack Reacher” and “The Bourne Supremacy

So I hope that everyone will be able to enjoy the rest of the day and the rest of the weekend! Please take yourselves until we meet again!


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