3 Days and counting!


The Time of The Doctor

In just three days it will be Christmas and families will be together celebrating the closeness and unity that comes with that day.

In just three days, the time of The Doctor will come to an end, and another Time Lord shall rise! Oh yes! BBC America this coming Wednesday shall once again please all of Whovian Universe with a simulcast of the annual Doctor Who Christmas special. And as it must happen with Christmas specials, this one sees the last of the current Time Lord (Matt Smith) and will show him “regenerating” into his new form of The Doctor to be portrayed by Peter Capaldi.

To my knowledge, this is the first time that a Doctor Who alumni will be taking over as the titular character. We first saw Peter Capaldi acting skills on the show with and episode called “The Fires of Pompeii” It should be also noted that The Doctor’s traveling companion – Amy Pond brilliantly played by Karen Gillan – also was seen in that same episode as one of the Sisterhood who worship a space creature referred to as a Pyroville.

The Christmas special has always been a good one to watch. And I am sure that this one will answer a number of questions, along with starting a list of new ones!

Early Christmas (totally unexpected too!)

Saturday, I got quite an unexpected early Christmas surprise! One of my web clients presented me with a Visa Gift card and dinner at a local restaurant called The Fuel Woodfire Grill. It was a total surprise to me. Sometimes, it is the little things that you don’t expect, that can brighten your day.

Change of Menu

And because Christmas Day will now be a little bit busier for me, there has been some changes made to the menu. Stuffing and cranberry sauce has now has been added to the dinner menu (forgot, you can’t call it a holiday meal without stuffing and cranberry sauce), The glaze for the Cornish hens has been changed to honey-glaze. I will be making the glaze from a base of real butter (melted), added to that will be brown sugar, honey, and cinnamon (for taste and color). Still haven’t decided on whether to make real mashed potatoes or Yams. Although, I feel the choice has been made for me. Friday, on my way home from work, I stopped at my local Kroger and lo and behold, they were all out of Yams! Yep, both fresh and prepared (my favorite prepared Yams are from Bruce’s Yams – so good!) So, I will check again on the way home on Monday and hope that my luck has changed…a little. Oh, and the chocolate amaretto jelly roll cake has been changed to the old “tried and true” cherry pies. Reason: was unable to find a cake pan that was suitable for making the jelly roll cake in at this time. But, it is a recipe that I look forward to trying and seeing how it comes out.

Anyway, looking forward to this Holiday Season and all that comes with it. And I hope that yours will be a warm, wonderful, and blessed day to spend with family, friends, and loved ones as the joy of Christmas Day brings a little joy and warmth to your heart.


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