Starting the New Year by being snowed in!


As Creedence Clearwater Revival once sang: “Do Do Do, looking out my backdoor”! Well, this currently is the view from my backdoor. Here in Port Huron, Michigan (the great Bluewater Area), all of our schools have been shut down for today (Monday Jan. 6th) and they have just released the same statement for this Tuesday. Quite honestly, I can not blame them!

Went out to shovel along my sidewalk and the snowfall was not really all that heavy, it was just a LOT OF SNOW! From a “guess-timate” of snowfall, I would have to say about a good solid 6-8″ of snow fell overnight here in our area, and as I am updating my blog, I can see out the window that we are getting some more snowfall this evening. Temperatures are holding right around 8 degrees so it is pretty cold out there right now. Glad that I did my shopping last week and need not have to go out today!

As for the New Year, my celebration was very enjoyable. And I hope that yours was also. Not really making any resolutions for this year, just a continuation of last years’ resolution, and that is to continue to better myself and continue to get back into shape!

The newest change so far for me in 2014, has been that I have taken to writing some poetry for friends of mine. Well, maybe not really poetry, but just some short writings that I put together with photos in order to convey a message. This is one that composed recently:


As I said, just short writings really. Written to brighten a day or to help someone feel a little special. Maybe one day I will take a page here in my journal and post all the ones that I have composed so far.

Well, time for dinner here, and I am thinking about making some chicken stir-fry. Sounds good on a cold, grey, day like today! Take care, stay warm, and travel only if needed!


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