Need a Facebook page for your business?? Here are some tips and hints!

You’ve got the business ready to go and now you want to create that all important social media platform page! And you say to yourself, “Hey, I’ve already got a Facebook page, I’ll just create one for the business!” So you click the “Create Page” button, then off you go and your business Facebook page is up before your cup of coffee gets cold. But, did you make the right choices when you were sitting up a page for a business?

Business or Personal..there is a difference!

The quickest way to see if you set up your business Facebook page correctly is to check two things. One: Does your page have an “About” button located under you Facebook cover photo. And two: does your page have an “Admin Panel” If those items are not present, then your page was created as a Personal Page.

As a personal Facebook page, there is no tools that are available to you in order to monitor the performance of your posts, who sees your page, or to be able to promote your own business page.

Let’s Get Started!

When you make the choice to create a Facebook page for your business, the first item to consider is: “What type of business am I?” Because the answer to that question defines the catagory you should use for your page. Once you have decided the type of business, now you can “Create Page”!

Actually Easier Than You Think!

First, using your favorite Internet browser, type in the address bar and press enter. Once you are logged in, click on the “gear icon” on the page and you will see a menu. The “gear icon” is located on the top right-hand side of the page. There are many choices in this menu, but we are only concerned with the one that reads – “Create Page”. Click that one! You are now looking at a page with six (6) boxes on it, and each box has a different name or choice.

Boxes, Boxes, Oh Why So Many Boxes!

 For the purpose of this writing, let us say that you have a physical location for your new business; in that case you would click the box labeled “local business or place”. When you click the box, you are presented with a new menu! Choose a category for your business by clicking on the arrow and scrolling until you find the type of business you are opening. Then fill in the rest of the information, and agree to the terms and conditions. Once you have all the information filled out, Facebook will let you add a photo. The ideal choice is to use your company logo. For best results, the photo should be 180 pixels by 180 pixels ( you can modify the photo in MS Paint by using the Resize function!) Now you can fill in your “About” section. Tell the public a little about who you are, about the company, and what the company can do for them! You get about 2-3 sentences, so put important information in there including a link to your company website (so they can find you right from your Facebook page!)

Admin Panel

 Now you will have an Admin Panel which is used to edit and manage your page. From here you can add individuals that manage your page. Be sure to read the description of each type of manager so that you give the right level of control to the right person.

Cover Photo

Now it is time to change the standard Facebook cover photo. The cover photo will need to measure (in pixels again) 851 x 315.  

First Post!


WooHoo!! Now you are ready for your first post! Be creative, be funny, be welcoming, but above all..just be yourself. This is your company, something to be proud of! (Hint: Clicking the little star in the upper right will “highlight” the post to give a more prominent space on your timeline!)

Done and done!


Well, look at that, on your way to becoming a “Facebook Guru”! Created a business page, made a cover and profile photo and made your first post and highlighted it! And all in less than one day! Pat yourself on the back, have a cappuccino, and smile and feel good about the job you have done! Feel free to stop by and take a look at the Facebook pages I have done. My company Facebook  page is at: and the Facebook  page I did for a client is at


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