Business Is Growing!

Recent client of mine - local dog grooming service.

Recent client of mine – local dog grooming service.

Timing, Timing, and more timing!

Wow! That is all I can say since making the decision to start my own local social media marketing company. The reception that I have received here in my community has been nothing short of great! Now, maybe it has to do with the time of the  year that the business was started – week before St. Patrick’s Day – because the business already has three very strong clients! A restaurant, a dog groomer, and a local retailer who needed assistance in moving the store inventory to Amazon FBA.

And on the client list for us are two local mobile phone stores, a sports bar, and a jewelry store.

Setting Goals!

My goal for the business is to acquire at least 10 new clients each month. By setting a goal, it helps keep me on track as to where the business is and where we would like to go. Also, on a personal note, I think that all business, large or small, should set goals.  It’s a perfect way to monitor the “health” of the business. Another goal for the business is to make sure to manage all client social media with the same amount of attention to detail and integrity. Making it a personal mission, if you will, to make sure that each client has an understanding, if only on a basic level, of how social media can work for their business.

Looking Forward!

In looking forward to the rest of this week, it is with much pleasure that we can look for it to be quite busy. From our local “Pub Crawl” live tweeting, to the St. Patrick’s Day parade, to the Bagpipe Band being featured at Lynch’s Irish Tavern! (one of my great clients), this weekend will be a busy, but fun-filled one! And we can’t wait!


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