It’s Easter and things have been hopping!

Who knew being a “content manager” for social media platforms would be so much fun! The last few weeks have been a real “roller-coaster ride” of gaining new clients, building their platforms, minding their social media, and finding fun and exciting ways of engaging their customers and keeping daily content fresh and fun. And sometimes, if all the stars are in the right alignment, there is the chance to get a little sleep!

Actually, when there is “time-off” it is usually spent reading over social media reports, techniques, hints, and tips that can be used to enhance the coverage of each one of my clients. And as each one is different, there is no “boiler-plate” type of plan that can be used.

It is actually an interesting read to see what other social media and public relation firms are doing for their clients, and how what they do can help me be of a better service to my clients. By reading, new ideas are found, which can lead to forming better relationships with other companies in other areas. A constant sharing of ideas and information!

As summer approaches, there will be so much going on with the company. Art fairs, festivals, and even a couple of outdoor concerts! All of which will need to be recorded, uploaded, and tweeted about!

That’s it for now. Going to take some time and enjoy the rest of the Easter Sunday.

Oh, and updates will be more frequent and will do the very best to have them be so!


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