Cajun Gator


New Client this week – the Cajun Gator in downtown Port Huron, Michigan! Funny story here, I had been in contact with the owner before and he was not sure if having a dedicated social media marketing person for the restaurant was the way to go. Well, on my way to see another possible client, I happened to pass by the restaurant where the owner proceeded to knock on the widow to get my attention, and as they say, “the rest is history’!


As with all my other clients, this staff is a joy to work with and can only get better as time goes by! Oh, and the picture above? That was one of their dinner specials from the night the restaurant signed with the company. The dish is Blackened Beef & Lamb tips, and it was so good!

That is it for now, has been a super-busy week for me and time to get some rest, finish watching the Saturday feature movie on the SyFy network, and have some fudge brownies!



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