Happy Mother’s Day and end to a very busy week!


As we celebrate Mother’s Day this year, I find myself being deeply grateful that my own mother is still with me this year. I say that because she has had two minor strokes within a very short period of time but, with the grace of GOD, has recovered from both of them. Still needing a little physical therapy, but in control of her body, mind, and spirit. And for that, I can be truly happy.

As for myself, this week found me very busy with my business. Planning for and then covering events for clients and finding time for new clients as well.

Moving into summer here in the Port Huron area, brings with it many downtown festivals, parades, and concerts. The summer gets off to a start with the “Pine Groove Festival” at Pine Grove park on June 6th (if memory serves me right!) followed by “Art on the River” (June 14-15) a 2-day fair that highlights arts, artists,music, and crafts in our area. After a brief rest, we take off with our biggest and most well-known festival – The Blue Water Festival (July 8th – 12th) culminating with the Port Huron to Mackinaw Race that weekend!

And how many of these are my company covering?..well, let’s see..all of them!..lol. Working with various groups, we will be out there covering at least a portion of each event as it happens. And of course, we will be back here to let you all know how it went!

Stay tuned, I have a feeling it will be a very busy summer!


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