Warmer weather means busier times!


Now that the weather is warmer (and not so much rain!), It gets very busy around town for me this time of year. The summer is filled with a number of events that need to covered and blogged about and at times, I have to wonder how they can all be given the amount of time that each of them are due for fair coverage!

Fortunately, my first event, which is June 5th, is an indoor wine & cheese tasting event that is invite only. So, an event like that will be relatively easy to cover. However, starting with June 14th, there is the “Art On The River” and the Gasoline Gypsies CD release party, both on the same day!

So for that event, I will be covering “Art On The River” all day and then at 10:00 p.m., move around the corner to Lynch’s Irish Tavern for the Gasoline Gypsies CD release party. My only hope is that between now and the 14th of this month, nothing else come up, I am beginning to run out of time to keep up with my own social media!

But wait, ..if social media marketing is your choice of careers, shouldn’t you be so busy that you fall a little behind in keeping your own up to date?…Hmmm, something to think about!

Have fun and stay safe everyone!


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