Summertime equals employment time!


In most areas, summertime can either be the best time to find a job, or the worst time! For the best, a vast majority of the chain restaurants usually do their hiring due to an increase in customers. Some that I have noticed in my areas has been:

  • McDonalds
  • Burger King
  • Taco Bell
  • Tim Horton’s

The advantage to this increase is that, in areas where there is an increase in tourist traffic, you are more likely to get hired. Now, as we both know, there are two side to each coin, so let me say that in a “non-tourist” area, the likelihood of getting the job decreases and this is where job tools come into play!

1. LinkedIn

One of the most ever looked tools in your job search can be your LinkedIn account. And, if you do not have one, take a moment and get one. It’s free, it’s a great way to get professional connections, and can be invaluable in your job search. Once you have your LinkedIn account all set up and have made a few connections, you are now ready to use their resume building tool to help create a professional resume based on the skills and employment history you have listed. Just follow this link to get to the link!

2. Google +

Google + ( is sometimes referred to as the “other social media platform”. But is some ways, they are more helpful in a job search than Facebook. Now, all your friends may not be on Google+ (which in a job search can be a good!) However, what you will find on Google+ is a more business like atmosphere, and more groups geared toward helping individuals find a employment in their area. Another helpful area is Google Groups and Hangouts. This can be a great tool for long-distance job interviews and a way to connect with people in business.

3. Facebook

Facebook ( can also be a great tool in the search for a job Whether it is a local job or f you are looking to relocate to a new area for a job. You can search and find many listing for jobs on many community pages that people set up to focus on job openings in certain areas. Now, a word of caution here – in searching for a job from Facebook, make sure that your Facebook account reflects the person you would like a perspective employer to see. (translation equals – “might be time to take down the “frat house party pictures”!

4. Indeed ( is major job listing board that you find jobs by typing in the zip code for the area that you are interested in. When the results come up, most of the employers will have a link to the website were you can fill out an application for the position that you are interested in.

5. Your College Career Office

Most colleges now days, has a career guidance office where recent graduates can take a look at employment opportunities in the area. The advantage of this approach is that some companies will list job openings with a college instead of placing them in newspapers employment section, because they are seeking a certain type of applicant for the job listed.

Don’t forget you can also use the summer to brush up on your technical skill set. A number of employers today expect job applicants to know how to correctly use a computer, have a understanding of basic math skills, and how to use popular office management programs, software, and technical skills such as:

  •  Microsoft Office
  •  Internet Explorer
  •  POS systems (Cash Registers)
  •  Knowledge of sending and receiving email from your “smart phone”
  •  HTML 5 (web design)
  •  Business communication and customer service skills

This is just a short listing and many of these skills can be learned by taking courses at your local college (some even offer free classes in the summer), your local library, or you can check out YouTube ( also. For Microsoft Office training, if you sign up for an outlook email account (, you can get access to Microsoft Office online ( and take your own time using the programs to see how they work!

Well, hope this helps in your summer job search and some important things to remember are:

  •  If possible, always apply for jobs in the morning. Lets them know you can be counted on.
  •  Apply for the job as if you are ready to work! If applying for construction,  a “3-peice suit” is not necessary. Any customer service or retail job, Guys –  a button down shirt, khaki pants, and dress shoes can go a long way. Ladies – a nice blouse or top with a matching skirt, and comfortable shoes (if heels, make sure not too much of a high heel) can be a great way to show a professional look.

Hope these tips help you in the search for a summer job and may the summer job turn into a job that becomes a career for you!

Good luck and take care!



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