Given the assignment to start a blog about our System Analysis Class project, I decided to just start a blog about my current college semester. That way I could discuss and talk about not only that class, but also my other classes and projects!

A little about me:

  • Love science-fiction T.V. shows (Doctor Who, Big Bang Theory & along those lines)
  • Listen to a wide variety of music, but I do have my favorites (Pat Methany Group, Jean Luc Ponty and George Winston among them!)
  • Love to read and am glad that I purchased a Nook Color from Barnes & Noble
  • Kind of a geek/nerd

Other classes that I am taking this semester are:

  1. A+ Certification
  2. Introduction to Web Development (HTML 5 , JavaScript, and CSS)

At first, really didn’t think I would enjoy my HTML class, but once I got into it, found that type of coding (building web pages) actually became quite enjoyable and fun to do!

What I hope to do with this blog, is just to make a record of my semester in college. The people I meet this semester and life in general as I get myself back on track. Oh and to explain further, back on track for me would be:

  1. Get back into shape.
  2. Find a career in Marketing.
  3. Purchase a keyboard and start playing and composing again.

I will do my best to enter a blog entry at least once a week to keep it all up to date.


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