Capstone Project

For this semester of college, I took a class known as a “Capstone” class. The purpose of a course likes this is to give students the chance to apply the knowledge they have acquired throughout their education to real-world situations, and to encapsulate all the learning objectives of a student’s major. So for my project, I took on the task of writing a proposal to have every student at my community college given a tablet PC. Either a Apple iPad or Microsoft Surface. Here are some of the pros and cons I have found for each product.


From all that I have read about the iPad, I have actually considered purchasing one myself! Being a bit of a music “nut”, I could see how the app called “Garage Band” would be helpful in putting down quick music ideas that I get from time to time. Now, aside from that, most educational and scholarly articles about the iPad, are quick to refer to it as a consumption device. Meaning that the tablet was designed for the user to primarily view books, articles, movies, and such. Not to use the device to create substantial material. Even though the iPad has an application called iWorks, that appears to be compatible with Microsoft Office.

SurfaceRTMicrosoft Surface

The Surface (shown above) is Microsoft’s foray into the tablet PC world. Running their new operating system called Windows 8, the screen is filled with “live tiles” that can refresh on their own and show the most up-to-date information for each tile. The Surface RT model comes preloaded with Office 365, so that right out of the box, the user has the ability to produce Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. For some educators, this is a big plus toward the Surface becoming a standard in the classroom. Some colleges this year have already adopted the Surface for incoming freshman instead of the Apple iPad.

As I continue to research and write the proposal for my capstone course, it is my goal to decide which would be the most functional tablet to introduce into our current campus wide technology platform.

Wish me luck!!


One thought on “Capstone Project

  1. I love the research about the major differences between the iPad and the Microsoft Surface! I never realized that the Microsoft Surface allowed users to produce Word/Excel/PowerPoint files. As a student, I feel that is a huge bonus, making the Microsoft Surface the better buy. Just think to its advantages in and out of the classroom, and it is much lighter than the average laptop which means more convenience and less weight to lug around with those text books! Wishing right now that they really would give all students one!! Definitely would be a perk as to attending that college over others in the area!

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