To this day…


Well, the eve of Christmas is here, and before I have my nightly Earl Grey (with just  a touch of lemon), thought I would pop in and give a greeting to those who may still be up. Not a bad day today, slow work in the morning, shopping for the next few days taken care of, and topped it off with a early evening dinner with a small gathering at sister’s house.

I hope that everyone’s day had some pleasant moments in it, and that they to get to curl up with a nice hot cup of Earl Grey or hot cocoa.

See you soon.



All work and all play on a Happy 4th!

Hoping that everyone is having fun and wonderful BBQ filled 4th of July celebrations wherever they are on this day! And if you are staying in to celebrate, don’t forget that on the Syfy Channel ( is their annual “Twilight Zone” 4th of July marathon, over on Turner Classic Movies ( the film version on the Broadway musical “1776” starts at 1:30 p.m. EST. Also, you’ve got NASCAR ( over on Fox Sports Channel and keeping the kids busy over on Nickelodeon ( is the “Fairly Oddparents” , followed by “Fairly Oddparents:All Grown Up”!

If it is good weather in your area, like here in Blue Water area, you’ll probably find parades, fireworks, outdoor concerts and festivals, some farmer markets, and so much more. So grab your comfy shoes, pack a lunch for the family and head out!

If your day leans toward social media, as mine always!, then later on you can head over to my company’s blog at

There you’ll find hints and tips on how to use social media to help your business grow (quick tip: Ask your friends and family to “like” your Facebook and Google+ business pages) and what the latest trends are.

So again, have a great 4th of July, a great weekend, and we’ll “catch up on the flip side, Good Buddy!”

A Grillin’ we will go!


3 Days to get ready!

Can it be 4th of July already upon us? It appears that way! In just three days, majority of backyards, beaches, and parks will be the scene of many a BBQ grills going, coolers full of drinks, large groups of people congregating and just all out fun!

The shopping rush is on and lines are deep at the store for BBQ grills, charcoal, and of course the food to go on the grill:

  •  chicken
  •  steak
  •  vegetables
  •  corn
  •  burger
  • hot dogs & bratwursts!

Day off? What day off??!

Yes, a lot of people will have the weekend off and most companies will allow for a long weekend, closing early on Friday and not re-opening again until Monday. Not so for us in social media..we will work even on the! We will have the smartphone or tablet with us and will be checking it often, wet wipes we will carry with us, (no BBQ Sauce on the screen!), and in rare occasions, we may ask for “funny events” to be re-enacted due to the “light not being right”!

Just part of the day

So, if you have a family member or friend who is working in social media, marketing, public relations, or any field like that, just look at them at the end of the day on the 4th and say – “You’re making a family video of all the fun from today – right?”

Have fun, grill more than you can eat (makes for great left-overs!) and have a safe weekend!

Cooking, Relaxing, “Doctor Who”-ing, and What Not.


Merry Christmas to all! And I hop that it is a wonderful and blessed Christmas Day for everyone. May you be surrounded by family, friends, and loved ones. And may the day be filled with joy, laughter, and the beginning of many a fond memory.

Believe or not, just last night, I finally got around to putting up some Christmas lights in my apartment. I know, I know, but I figure better late than never. Strung up some nice LED lights that came from Menards, got out some decorations (including a Christmas ornament made by a very good friend) and set about getting all “festive up in this place” At the moment, the only centerpiece that is missing is the actual tree itself, but that is a task for the coming year. After I put up the lights and decorations, then came the time for a nice cup of hot cocoa, some chocolate chip cookies, and a nice relaxing Christmas Eve. Oh, and let us not forget the sending out of a “bazillion” Christmas cards to all friends.

Got up today, and actually at the moment, the Cornish Hen is being marinated. Funny thing is, that with all the other foods I have decided to make along the hen, found out that there is not enough pots! So, instead of the sweet stuffing being made on top of the stove (my preferred method) it will be fixed and the cooked in a pan in the oven. And what is the menu of the day you may ask? Well, here is what to expect for Christmas dinner at my place:

  • Glazed Cornish Game Hen
  • Cranberry Sauce
  • Candied Yams
  • French Cut Green Beans
  • Stuffing
  • Cherry Pie (with Whip Cream) for dessert.

I know! I can’t wait for my first Glazed Cornish Hen with all the fixings! And of course, yours truly will be having his favorite drink for this holiday meal – chilled Cranberry Juice! Now the trick is having the entire meal done in time.

Time for what?? Well, of course in time for “Time of the Doctor” ( #TheTimeofTheDoctor ) on BBC America at 9:00 p.m. tonight. Those of us who enjoy watching the show have been waiting for the annual Doctor Who Christmas Special and I for one have enjoyed each of them very much. Naturally, it will be watched with eyes and ears wide open, looking for all and any clues as to what may be coming in future episodes. For me, just a fun show to watch.

Now, the sad part is there will be no watching with any fellow “Whovians” of the special tonight. And, I know that there may be many a person who will be celebrating the holidays without someone special and this can be a little hard this especially this time of the year. So, here is a little something to remember…just as I did for myself here, treat that one very special person in your life – YOU!! Yep, all the exciting items on my menu, I picked out because I wanted to do something special for myself. Do that for yourself also this season. Put the lights up, decorate YOUR place, Watch your all-time favorite movie and laugh out loud. Enjoy the special and important person that you are this season because you are indeed so very special.

And then..And then..still feeling a little lost and disconnected? Tell you what – drop me a “hello” line on my Google+ page ( ), that “hello” goes straight to my tablet (which is always by my side, just in case I need to jot down some marketing campaign thoughts) and I will reply to your Hello!

Until then, my friends, have a wonderful day and take care of yourself and each other!


3 Days and counting!


The Time of The Doctor

In just three days it will be Christmas and families will be together celebrating the closeness and unity that comes with that day.

In just three days, the time of The Doctor will come to an end, and another Time Lord shall rise! Oh yes! BBC America this coming Wednesday shall once again please all of Whovian Universe with a simulcast of the annual Doctor Who Christmas special. And as it must happen with Christmas specials, this one sees the last of the current Time Lord (Matt Smith) and will show him “regenerating” into his new form of The Doctor to be portrayed by Peter Capaldi.

To my knowledge, this is the first time that a Doctor Who alumni will be taking over as the titular character. We first saw Peter Capaldi acting skills on the show with and episode called “The Fires of Pompeii” It should be also noted that The Doctor’s traveling companion – Amy Pond brilliantly played by Karen Gillan – also was seen in that same episode as one of the Sisterhood who worship a space creature referred to as a Pyroville.

The Christmas special has always been a good one to watch. And I am sure that this one will answer a number of questions, along with starting a list of new ones!

Early Christmas (totally unexpected too!)

Saturday, I got quite an unexpected early Christmas surprise! One of my web clients presented me with a Visa Gift card and dinner at a local restaurant called The Fuel Woodfire Grill. It was a total surprise to me. Sometimes, it is the little things that you don’t expect, that can brighten your day.

Change of Menu

And because Christmas Day will now be a little bit busier for me, there has been some changes made to the menu. Stuffing and cranberry sauce has now has been added to the dinner menu (forgot, you can’t call it a holiday meal without stuffing and cranberry sauce), The glaze for the Cornish hens has been changed to honey-glaze. I will be making the glaze from a base of real butter (melted), added to that will be brown sugar, honey, and cinnamon (for taste and color). Still haven’t decided on whether to make real mashed potatoes or Yams. Although, I feel the choice has been made for me. Friday, on my way home from work, I stopped at my local Kroger and lo and behold, they were all out of Yams! Yep, both fresh and prepared (my favorite prepared Yams are from Bruce’s Yams – so good!) So, I will check again on the way home on Monday and hope that my luck has changed…a little. Oh, and the chocolate amaretto jelly roll cake has been changed to the old “tried and true” cherry pies. Reason: was unable to find a cake pan that was suitable for making the jelly roll cake in at this time. But, it is a recipe that I look forward to trying and seeing how it comes out.

Anyway, looking forward to this Holiday Season and all that comes with it. And I hope that yours will be a warm, wonderful, and blessed day to spend with family, friends, and loved ones as the joy of Christmas Day brings a little joy and warmth to your heart.

Cacthing up on a Sunday afternoon.

Okay, just taking time this Sunday to catch everything up and I do mean to try to get everything up to date!  At the moment I have a number of movies and TV Shows just taking up space on the Dish DVR. Seems like there is never a good time to just sit back, relax, and “veg out” by watching the “ole boob tube” all day! For the moment, as I am doing my best to update all online accounts, I have the latest James Bond flick “Skyfall” playing in background. This one didn’t appeal to a large number of people, but I rather enjoyed it.

Week in Review

Those who have been reading my blog in the past (and I thank each and every one of you!), now that I have been doing social media and digital marketing for a local small business retailer. Well, I can say that this past week or so has been very busy for us at the store! Our online sales and our website store ( is now up to the point of shipping out orders on a daily basis! It’s a lot of work for me to keep all inventory up to date and to ship out and track customer orders, but it is something I really enjoy doing!

And as of lately, to attract more customers and to get our name out there just a little more, we placed some merchandise advertisements on the popular site – – and that helped to engage and entirely new type of customers that in the past had thought perceived to boutique to be only specialty footwear and handbags (to be read as “too expensive for me to shop there”! Sorry, took a little break to go and baste the Sunday dinner – making roast chicken marinated in lemon juice and braised with honey BBQ sauce – very, very tasty!

Holiday Trimmings

Slowly getting the house ready for the holidays and the “on-coming storm” called winter. All the windows have been weather-proofed, gutters cleaned out, and ice-melt has been purchased. So, all I need is the snow to make this a winter-wonderland. Oh, and have already prepared the menu for the holidays: Cornish Hens in cranberry sauce will be the main meat, steamed vegetables consisting of broccoli, Brussels sprouts (my favorite), French cut green beans, and roasted red garlic potatoes For drinks, I am mixing my classic holiday drink. It is my favorite of Schweppes ginger ale &  cranberry juice. Desserts will be cherry pies and this year, doing a little experiment – am going to attempt to make a chocolate amaretto whip cream filling jelly-roll cake, topped with crushed walnuts! Yikes! even, the name of the dessert sounds like a, but I think I will have fun trying to make it.

I like to make a big deal about the dinners during the holidays, as you can clearly see! Have to be prepared, never know who may stop by.

Well, back to the important task of putting my feet up, relaxing and enjoying the rest of this Sunday afternoon. Then later on will grab the remote, fire up the DVR and check out “Jack Reacher” and “The Bourne Supremacy

So I hope that everyone will be able to enjoy the rest of the day and the rest of the weekend! Please take yourselves until we meet again!

No Black Friday here, but, much to be thankful for!

MIA on Black Friday

Well, skipped the whole shopping frenzy known as “Black Friday“. To be honest, I have not been shopping on one Black Friday since its inception back in 2006! For the most part, the so-called “deal of the day” or “doorbusters” that are offered never really appealed to me. Although, this year I must confess, that picking up an original Microsoft Surface RT for $199.00 was pretty enticing. However, the laptop that was purchased just a year ago (Lenovo N580) preloaded with Windows 8 (and then upgraded to Windows 8.1), is still going strong, and to complement the laptop I use a Samsung Galaxy Tablet, which suits me just fine. So, with all that, there was actually no reason to venture out for Black Friday.

A Year of Thanks!

As this year starts to draw to a close, there is time for reflection of what is to be thankful for of the past year, and it is with great realization that there is much to be thankful for!

  1. My health – after a health scare of sorts, I am happy to say that my state of health is in good condition! Yes, a little weight loss would help (working on that in small ways), but overall, health is great.
  2. College – Once the procrastination was put to a stop, it was quite easy to finish my degree in Business with a concentration in Marketing. And, returned to college six months later, and beefed up the marketing degree with classes in HTML, networking, and system analysis.
  3. Employment – Really thankful for this. My initial thought was that it would be needed to move out of town in order to find employment in the field of marketing and social media. Just like Dorothy Gale in the timeless classic “The Wizard of Oz“, all that I ever needed was right here in my own backyard! An opportunity arose and I was able to secure employment in my degree field without having to move to either the east coast (New York) or west coast (Los Angeles).

Of course, I could go on and on about all the positive things that have happened this year, but I now look forward to the positive things that will happen in 2014!

I sincerely hope that your year has been a positive one for you and that you will also look forward to the positive things that will happen to you and for you in the months ahead. So, take care of yourself and each other and remember…”a simple smile goes a long way”!