Making music

Now that the Holidays and the craziness are over (for just a moment here), I have finally had the chance to play around with some new apps downloaded from the Windows 10 app store. One of those apps is called Music Maker Jam.

Music Maker Jam allows you to take the pre-loaded music loops in the program and rearrange them to suit your musical taste and/or ideas. It is nothing professional in any way, shape or form, but, it is something fun to play around with.

If you would like to listen to my first tune programmed in Music Maker Jam, just click on the link below to listen.


If you enjoy it, you can share it with other people who may like it also. And if you search on SoundCloud for the song “927PM”, you can also click the like button and share from there. Thanks for listening, hope you do enjoy the track, and there will be more coming.


What a great three days!

Port Huron Yacht Club

Port Huron Yacht Club

5 Whole days of fun, excitement, music..oh, and boats too!


Wow! what a ride the past three days have been here in Port Huron, Michigan.  Our annual Blue Water Festival was this week with the kick-off being on Tuesday with the opening of the T.J. Schmidt Carnival.

This was followed by the Rotary Parade on Wednesday and then live music events each evening which all led up to the large party in our downtown area that we call “Boat Night”! If you have never been it is something that should be experienced at least once in a lifetime!.

The whole week is actually a build-up to a rather large yacht race known as the Port Huron to Mackinac Yacht Race. And that in itself is quite the spectacle.

The parties, music, parades, and fun is all a little version of “Mardi Gras”, and even more so now that we have a Cajun style restaurant in the downtown area!

So, if you are looking for a great time and lots of fun next July, keep up with me, and I will let be sure to let you know when the party starts!

Have a great week and see you soon.

Warmer weather means busier times!


Now that the weather is warmer (and not so much rain!), It gets very busy around town for me this time of year. The summer is filled with a number of events that need to covered and blogged about and at times, I have to wonder how they can all be given the amount of time that each of them are due for fair coverage!

Fortunately, my first event, which is June 5th, is an indoor wine & cheese tasting event that is invite only. So, an event like that will be relatively easy to cover. However, starting with June 14th, there is the “Art On The River” and the Gasoline Gypsies CD release party, both on the same day!

So for that event, I will be covering “Art On The River” all day and then at 10:00 p.m., move around the corner to Lynch’s Irish Tavern for the Gasoline Gypsies CD release party. My only hope is that between now and the 14th of this month, nothing else come up, I am beginning to run out of time to keep up with my own social media!

But wait, ..if social media marketing is your choice of careers, shouldn’t you be so busy that you fall a little behind in keeping your own up to date?…Hmmm, something to think about!

Have fun and stay safe everyone!

New client brings new challenges!


Yes, another client this week! Going to be such a busy summer for me this year! This client is the Downtown Port Huron Bar and Restaurant Collective (, and it is a non-profit organization consisting of 16 restaurants in our downtown area. With the restaurants covering everything from traditional Irish dishes to BBQ to “American home-style”, and even Coney Island flavor! And that doesn’t even include the one that specializes in desserts or beer and wine-making!

The challenge will be to ensure that each and every client gets the same type of exposure as the other clients. The best way to ensure that was to assign each restaurant a “highlight week”. During this week, the restaurant will have their “day in the sun” so to speak. This will be done by, highlighting each of their post in Facebook, focusing on special events they have coming up, and if possible – a little video feature on background operations.

Also, each restaurant has it’s own unique charm and flavor, and the task will be to represent them all on a level playing field. If you are interested in seeing the many restaurants in the Collective, you can visit the webpage ( for a complete list. And, visit the page often, as I will be in the process of updating their webpage and blog also!

Have a great week everyone!