CIS 284 Class Project

Although this blog entry is about 3 weeks to late!!, our class here at St. Clair County Community College (here after known as SC4!) has been quite successful. For the purpose of understanding the SLDC phase of system analysis, we were given the task of taking a problem from brainstorming to actual completion. Our instructor, Ms. Carol DesJardins gave us a good project to bring to life – some very needed upgrades to the A.J. Theisen Building on the college campus. The upgrades or renovations she mentioned were:

Using an old office room as a open lab for students.
Charging stations for laptops and cellphones.
Better seating in the hallways.
We took her suggestions to heart and also added the idea of a better selection of nutritional snacks and drinks for the vending machines in the building.

To put the project together, took a large amount of teamwork and everyone not only had a part to play, but all held up their end of the deal! Everything from the taking of pictures for our PowerPoint presentation to emails being sent out. We tried to leave no stone unturned.

When the day came for the presentation, it went very smoothly! Dr. Pollock (SC4 President) and other attended, and they were very surprised and pleased at the amount of time, effort, and information that we put into the project. They were so pleased that we were told that Dr. Pollock himself would be getting back to us with an answer!! I’m putting a link to the PowerPoint presentation in the blog, and will come back to post updates and photos of our progress!!

Here is a link to the PowerPoint Graphics that I put together to aid in the presentation –


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