What a day for a daydream…

Night Sky in Port Huron

Got a surprise when I logged into my WordPress account earlier today. It has been almost 30 days since I sat down and wrote myself  letter! and in my eyes, that is for too long.

You only get what you give..

Well, it has been quite a 30 day period for me. Discovered some things about myself, and found myself becoming stronger as a person because of it and that is something that all of us look to be – just a little better and a little stronger than we were the day before. As for me, to that end, I have decided to return to doing something that I enjoyed quite a lot in the past. I allowed it to get away from me during the years I enlisted into the US Army. But, now I feel it is time to do it once again. Starting later this year, I will once again be playing the piano.

Nothing fancy, just returning to an enjoyable past-time. Now, there was a period in my past when I was the keyboard player in a local “Top 40” cover band and we played everything from Van Morrison to Prince!  And let me tell you, it was quite a bit of fun. Now, not going to be playing  in a band anytime soon, just looking to rebuild my technique and style.

Days of Wine and Roses..

Also, keeping me busy and allowing me to be able to pick up the type of keyboard equipment I wish to play on, is the additional source of income. As many of us are doing these days, I am not only an entrepreneur, but also returned to the field of customer service. This was not an light or easy choice to make, as I was hoping that my business would be able to sustain my very modest lifestyle. However, since I reside in a small town, the additional source of income will not only allow me to pursue my musical interest, but also will give me access to the necessary funds needed to keep my business up and running!

Well, for right now, that is about it. I know its a bit short, but there will be more after the weekend. And don’t forget, if you have BBC America in your channel lineup, be sure to watch the return of Doctor Who to airwaves this Saturday at 8:00 p.m.!


What was there before the Internet?…


Life, Love, and pursuit..

Sorry for the delay in between post, but have been taking some time out to tighten up my social media, and also to take a little time to reflect. Personally, I think it is a good idea sometimes to just unplug from the Internet and social media, in order to take a step back and remember life before Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, and blogging. A time to re-energize yourself, put priorities in order, and regain your focus. Hence, the writing of mine at the top of the page.

“Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto”

On my Facebook page, I stated that in this age of technology, we live all aspects of our lives online. From ordering our groceries to finding our life mate, so much of our daily lives are online. And I wondered – “What would happen without the Internet?” Do we remember enough of our basic social skills to still be able to hold a conversation without the assistant of Google, Pulse, or any other news feed for a topic? Did we retain information in our memory to again go to a store, purchase a card and gift, and deliver a birthday message in person? When we relax, do we remember how to pick up an actual good book, or do we automatically reach for our iPad, Galaxy Tab, Nook, or Kindle, and just download the latest seller? Or even something simple as writing a letter to a friend, do we type it or do we take out pad and pencil and write them a letter and (gasp!) mail it to them? I remember, in 2003, there was a large blackout on the East Coast, lasting for at least a few days. No cable T.V, no satellite radio, and of course, no Internet. Now, as Shakespeare would say – “Therein lies the rub” – because even though there was no way to access the information, local radio stations would report the standard reply – “For more information on the progress of repairs. you can follow us on (insert web address here!).

“By the clicking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes..”

The blackout showed me exactly how habit-forming looking to the Internet for our information has become. No longer do we call the operator or look in the Yellow Pages. We now Google or Bing a business to inquire about their hours or products. When we look to make friends, we search our online social media feeds or any number of dating sites. Not that there is anything wrong with that, the thought on my mind was that we are quicker to friend someone online rather than the person we see everyday. And shouldn’t be the other way around?

“Try a little tenderness..”

So, try a little experiment of your own. The next time you want to get in touch with a friend, don’t text or even call, totally surprise them with a visit. On someone’s birthday, buy the card early and mail it to them and take the gift there in person. If you know someone that enjoys reading, buy them an actual Barnes & Noble gift card, instead of a digital one! You may realize that you have forgotten just how pleasing these little acts can be.

As always – Take care, have fun, be safe, and trust me…there is always a reason to smile!

A little late to be relaxing..but, oh well..


Busy, busy week!

This weekend was a welcome one to see. It was nice to be able to take some time off and just take a nice stroll and have a relaxing day. Taking time to reflect on some recent changes and life happenings and all that kind of mental relaxation.

Just doing me (as the hip kids say..lol!)

Most importantly, took some time out and concentrated on making the best of my social media connections. About a month ago, LinkedIn allowed me to have a Premium Membership. And over the weekend that membership was used to reach out and connect with individuals in the fields of marketing and social media. The membership allowed me to send direct email to heads of social media and marketing departments in firms such as: SMG Venue Management, Rock and Roll Museum and Hall of Fame, and a couple of major movie studios. And when I did that, an amazing thing happened – positive replies were received back! Now, this is not an endorsement for LinkedIn, but I do have to say, that using direct email within a professional platform like LinkedIn, was pretty cool, if only for a while.

Using Social Media to be socially productive!

For me, this is what I have always thought social media was for. To reach out, be productive, and make contact with individuals in the career fields you are most interested in. And with the Internet making it easy to find the names of those who work in various fields, its a shame not to reach out to them. Even if you get no answer back, you have been bold enough to make the first move, and with some power-players, that bold move can not only get you noticed, but also help them to remember you.

Make sure they can see the real you.

So as you reach out to professional individuals no matter what platform you use,  be Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, or any other platform, be sure to present a professional look to not only yourself, but your content as well. Do you have to start deleting friends? No, rather instead focus your posts on the fields you are interested in, and maybe start a blog to increase your web presence. Be bold, but also be respectful as you reach out to professionals in the career fields you are interested in. You may be surprised as to who will answer you back.





What a great three days!

Port Huron Yacht Club

Port Huron Yacht Club

5 Whole days of fun, excitement, music..oh, and boats too!


Wow! what a ride the past three days have been here in Port Huron, Michigan.  Our annual Blue Water Festival was this week with the kick-off being on Tuesday with the opening of the T.J. Schmidt Carnival.

This was followed by the Rotary Parade on Wednesday and then live music events each evening which all led up to the large party in our downtown area that we call “Boat Night”! If you have never been it is something that should be experienced at least once in a lifetime!.

The whole week is actually a build-up to a rather large yacht race known as the Port Huron to Mackinac Yacht Race. And that in itself is quite the spectacle.

The parties, music, parades, and fun is all a little version of “Mardi Gras”, and even more so now that we have a Cajun style restaurant in the downtown area!

So, if you are looking for a great time and lots of fun next July, keep up with me, and I will let be sure to let you know when the party starts!

Have a great week and see you soon.

Shocks rather than quiet..


Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction…

Read a interesting article/study over this 4th of July holiday weekend.  From the University Of Virginia, a study was done that most people would rather give themselves an electric shock rather than to be alone with their thoughts.


I found this interesting because that is actually when my best thoughts come to me, is in a quiet room as I am actually trying to go to sleep! As I took a look at some of my FB friends posts over the past few days, a number of them seem to be able to exist with their own thoughts in a quiet room.

Time Out = Quiet Time?..

It also led me to think of a common practice among parents – which is “Quiet Time” for youngsters who become rambunctious or get themselves in trouble. My thought on that was – “Has this quiet time led to individuals not wanting to be alone with their thoughts?” If you think about it in that respect, then you may have to say “Yes”. When we give a child “time-out”, we are having them sit and give thought as to what led them to being punished in this manner. So as they get older, do they tend to associate “Quiet Time” with punishment and therefore subconsciously do not want to have to “think about things”?. According to the study, the participants were in range of age from 18-77, so in many ways that theory would not play out. So it still begs the question – “Would you rather shock yourself than be alone with your thoughts”

Just my thoughts as we head out of the holiday weekend into the first full week of July

Hope you had a great fun-filled 4th of July and may you have a great week!


All work and all play on a Happy 4th!

Hoping that everyone is having fun and wonderful BBQ filled 4th of July celebrations wherever they are on this day! And if you are staying in to celebrate, don’t forget that on the Syfy Channel (http://www.syfy.com) is their annual “Twilight Zone” 4th of July marathon, over on Turner Classic Movies (http://www.tcm.com) the film version on the Broadway musical “1776” starts at 1:30 p.m. EST. Also, you’ve got NASCAR (http://www.nascar.com) over on Fox Sports Channel and keeping the kids busy over on Nickelodeon (http://www.nick.com) is the “Fairly Oddparents” , followed by “Fairly Oddparents:All Grown Up”!

If it is good weather in your area, like here in Blue Water area, you’ll probably find parades, fireworks, outdoor concerts and festivals, some farmer markets, and so much more. So grab your comfy shoes, pack a lunch for the family and head out!

If your day leans toward social media, as mine always does..lol!, then later on you can head over to my company’s blog at http://contentmarketingcreations.wordpress.com/.

There you’ll find hints and tips on how to use social media to help your business grow (quick tip: Ask your friends and family to “like” your Facebook and Google+ business pages) and what the latest trends are.

So again, have a great 4th of July, a great weekend, and we’ll “catch up on the flip side, Good Buddy!”

A Grillin’ we will go!


3 Days to get ready!

Can it be 4th of July already upon us? It appears that way!..lol In just three days, majority of backyards, beaches, and parks will be the scene of many a BBQ grills going, coolers full of drinks, large groups of people congregating and just all out fun!

The shopping rush is on and lines are deep at the store for BBQ grills, charcoal, and of course the food to go on the grill:

  •  chicken
  •  steak
  •  vegetables
  •  corn
  •  burger
  • hot dogs & bratwursts!

Day off? What day off??..lol!

Yes, a lot of people will have the weekend off and most companies will allow for a long weekend, closing early on Friday and not re-opening again until Monday. Not so for us in social media..we will work even on the holiday..lol! We will have the smartphone or tablet with us and will be checking it often, wet wipes we will carry with us, (no BBQ Sauce on the screen!), and in rare occasions, we may ask for “funny events” to be re-enacted due to the “light not being right”!

Just part of the day

So, if you have a family member or friend who is working in social media, marketing, public relations, or any field like that, just look at them at the end of the day on the 4th and say – “You’re making a family video of all the fun from today – right?”

Have fun, grill more than you can eat (makes for great left-overs!) and have a safe weekend!