Project Update!

CIS 284 Class Members

Celebrate a job well done!

Just wanted to give a little update on our class project. We were informed before Spring Break, that SC4 would go ahead with as many of our suggested renovations and updates to the building as was financially able for them at this time!! We took that as some very good news and had a great little celebration at a local restaurant in our downtown area called “Fuel”. The restaurant is known for their BBQ ribs and let me assure you-that they are indeed very good ribs!  After Spring Break is over, we move onto our individual projects and yes, I have chosen a “real humdinger” of a proposal!. Large for a 2-year community college, but I plan on writing a presentation that not only shows the benefits of my proposal but, also cost savings and further expansion.

As always, I will keep you up to date as to the progress of mine and other member projects!

Quick Note!

This past Wednesday (3.27.2013) our class was visited by Mr. Kramer. He came by to explain to us how the progress of our project was going. He explained to the class exactly how the process of bringing campus projects to fruition works, and what aspects of our class project we could expect to see! So, from his talk, this is what I was able to put together

      • Additional seating for students will be provided.
      • More electrical outlets are scheduled to be added.
      • And the campus is talking to our vending machines suppliers to assess the addition of more nutritional snacks and water to the vending machines in the A.J. Theisen building.

I was pleased that not only Mr. Kramer stopped by, but that also the college has heard our voice and that our tech building will get some needed “campus love”!! Once again, I will try to post pictures as the renovations begins.


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