Making music

Now that the Holidays and the craziness are over (for just a moment here), I have finally had the chance to play around with some new apps downloaded from the Windows 10 app store. One of those apps is called Music Maker Jam.

Music Maker Jam allows you to take the pre-loaded music loops in the program and rearrange them to suit your musical taste and/or ideas. It is nothing professional in any way, shape or form, but, it is something fun to play around with.

If you would like to listen to my first tune programmed in Music Maker Jam, just click on the link below to listen.


If you enjoy it, you can share it with other people who may like it also. And if you search on SoundCloud for the song “927PM”, you can also click the like button and share from there. Thanks for listening, hope you do enjoy the track, and there will be more coming.


Shutterbug (Again)


One of the first items I received from my father, before his passing,  was a medium format camera which, sadly, over the years that camera has been lost. In an effort to get back in touch with a hobby that I enjoyed, I recently purchased a Nikon Coolpix B500 camera.

Now, I would not call myself a photographer by any means. I just enjoy taking pictures of the city that I live in (Port Huron, Michigan) and pictures of the events that happen in our area. Looking back on some of the photos I took in the last two days, it is a hobby in which I look forward to giving more time to.

By the way, the photo above is a shot of one of the many fine restaurants in downtown Port Huron. This is the Vintage Tavern. Originally shot in color, then a black & white filter was applied.


Warmer weather means busier times!


Now that the weather is warmer (and not so much rain!), It gets very busy around town for me this time of year. The summer is filled with a number of events that need to covered and blogged about and at times, I have to wonder how they can all be given the amount of time that each of them are due for fair coverage!

Fortunately, my first event, which is June 5th, is an indoor wine & cheese tasting event that is invite only. So, an event like that will be relatively easy to cover. However, starting with June 14th, there is the “Art On The River” and the Gasoline Gypsies CD release party, both on the same day!

So for that event, I will be covering “Art On The River” all day and then at 10:00 p.m., move around the corner to Lynch’s Irish Tavern for the Gasoline Gypsies CD release party. My only hope is that between now and the 14th of this month, nothing else come up, I am beginning to run out of time to keep up with my own social media!

But wait, ..if social media marketing is your choice of careers, shouldn’t you be so busy that you fall a little behind in keeping your own up to date?…Hmmm, something to think about!

Have fun and stay safe everyone!

Happy Mother’s Day and end to a very busy week!


As we celebrate Mother’s Day this year, I find myself being deeply grateful that my own mother is still with me this year. I say that because she has had two minor strokes within a very short period of time but, with the grace of GOD, has recovered from both of them. Still needing a little physical therapy, but in control of her body, mind, and spirit. And for that, I can be truly happy.

As for myself, this week found me very busy with my business. Planning for and then covering events for clients and finding time for new clients as well.

Moving into summer here in the Port Huron area, brings with it many downtown festivals, parades, and concerts. The summer gets off to a start with the “Pine Groove Festival” at Pine Grove park on June 6th (if memory serves me right!) followed by “Art on the River” (June 14-15) a 2-day fair that highlights arts, artists,music, and crafts in our area. After a brief rest, we take off with our biggest and most well-known festival – The Blue Water Festival (July 8th – 12th) culminating with the Port Huron to Mackinaw Race that weekend!

And how many of these are my company covering?..well, let’s see..all of them! Working with various groups, we will be out there covering at least a portion of each event as it happens. And of course, we will be back here to let you all know how it went!

Stay tuned, I have a feeling it will be a very busy summer!

Cajun Gator


New Client this week – the Cajun Gator in downtown Port Huron, Michigan! Funny story here, I had been in contact with the owner before and he was not sure if having a dedicated social media marketing person for the restaurant was the way to go. Well, on my way to see another possible client, I happened to pass by the restaurant where the owner proceeded to knock on the widow to get my attention, and as they say, “the rest is history’!


As with all my other clients, this staff is a joy to work with and can only get better as time goes by! Oh, and the picture above? That was one of their dinner specials from the night the restaurant signed with the company. The dish is Blackened Beef & Lamb tips, and it was so good!

That is it for now, has been a super-busy week for me and time to get some rest, finish watching the Saturday feature movie on the SyFy network, and have some fudge brownies!


It’s Easter and things have been hopping!

Who knew being a “content manager” for social media platforms would be so much fun! The last few weeks have been a real “roller-coaster ride” of gaining new clients, building their platforms, minding their social media, and finding fun and exciting ways of engaging their customers and keeping daily content fresh and fun. And sometimes, if all the stars are in the right alignment, there is the chance to get a little sleep!

Actually, when there is “time-off” it is usually spent reading over social media reports, techniques, hints, and tips that can be used to enhance the coverage of each one of my clients. And as each one is different, there is no “boiler-plate” type of plan that can be used.

It is actually an interesting read to see what other social media and public relation firms are doing for their clients, and how what they do can help me be of a better service to my clients. By reading, new ideas are found, which can lead to forming better relationships with other companies in other areas. A constant sharing of ideas and information!

As summer approaches, there will be so much going on with the company. Art fairs, festivals, and even a couple of outdoor concerts! All of which will need to be recorded, uploaded, and tweeted about!

That’s it for now. Going to take some time and enjoy the rest of the Easter Sunday.

Oh, and updates will be more frequent and will do the very best to have them be so!

Starting the New Year by being snowed in!


As Creedence Clearwater Revival once sang: “Do Do Do, looking out my backdoor”! Well, this currently is the view from my backdoor. Here in Port Huron, Michigan (the great Bluewater Area), all of our schools have been shut down for today (Monday Jan. 6th) and they have just released the same statement for this Tuesday. Quite honestly, I can not blame them!

Went out to shovel along my sidewalk and the snowfall was not really all that heavy, it was just a LOT OF SNOW! From a “guess-timate” of snowfall, I would have to say about a good solid 6-8″ of snow fell overnight here in our area, and as I am updating my blog, I can see out the window that we are getting some more snowfall this evening. Temperatures are holding right around 8 degrees so it is pretty cold out there right now. Glad that I did my shopping last week and need not have to go out today!

As for the New Year, my celebration was very enjoyable. And I hope that yours was also. Not really making any resolutions for this year, just a continuation of last years’ resolution, and that is to continue to better myself and continue to get back into shape!

The newest change so far for me in 2014, has been that I have taken to writing some poetry for friends of mine. Well, maybe not really poetry, but just some short writings that I put together with photos in order to convey a message. This is one that composed recently:


As I said, just short writings really. Written to brighten a day or to help someone feel a little special. Maybe one day I will take a page here in my journal and post all the ones that I have composed so far.

Well, time for dinner here, and I am thinking about making some chicken stir-fry. Sounds good on a cold, grey, day like today! Take care, stay warm, and travel only if needed!